How to Organize Baby Clothes

The time is almost here. Your sweet little bundle is due to arrive in the next few weeks (or months depending on how intense your nesting urge is). You’ve unpacked all the cute outfits and adorable onsies, washed them, and are ready to put them in the nursery. But you don’t want that sweet little one to come home to a room that feels cluttered and chaotic. You want a place for everything and everything in it’s place. But there’s a problem: the clothes, though incredibly cute, are so tiny that no matter how you fold them or where you put them still end up looking like a disorganized heap. So how can you organize those baby clothes in a way that’s both practical and cute? Read on Momma, because your mind is about to be blown!You might be in that nesting stage and trying to get everything ready for the new arrival. Here are some ideas and tips for helping you get that baby's clothes all organized and ready to go.

Clever Ways to Organize Baby Clothes

If you’re always losing the top or bottom to an outfit, you’ll love this trick. Store baby clothes in an ornament box in the dresser. You can easily fit two pieces in each slot, so you can always put away the outfit pieces together.

organize baby clothes with an ornament box

Roll those little t-shirts using this method. You won’t believe how much space you’ll save!

Use plastic drawer organizers to sort clothes by month.

organize baby clothes 2

What disappears faster than your socks in the laundry? Baby socks. Seriously, where do they go? Anyway, mesh laundry bags can help you keep track of baby socks, bibs, etc., when you’re doing laundry. Genius.

organize baby clothes 3

We love, love, love this basket (crate) idea. They’re hanging on cup hooks, and they hold undies, swimsuits, hair accessories and the like.

organize baby clothes 4

Use closet dividers to see months and sizes at a glance. It makes it so much easier to pick out clothes when they’re a different size on top than the bottom!

organize baby clothes 5

If you don’t have a Silhouette machine, try this method to make baby closet dividers by hand.

organize baby clothes 7

Put onesies, bibs and other baby things in a shoe organizer. These things are seriously so handy. See our other shoe organizer ideas!

organize baby clothes 6

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And they are PERFECT for organizing cloth diapers!! Just genius!

If you’re out of space, convert a bookshelf into extra closet space. You can fit so many baby clothes into one of these!

organize baby clothes 10


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Put baskets in drawers to keep hats, socks, bibs and other small items separated.

organize baby clothes 8

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What should you do with all those little headbands and hairbows? Use clothespins to hang them! (See more clothespin hacks here.)

organize baby clothes 9

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This clothing cart is a chic solution for storing baby shoes and blankets. The color is fabulous, too!

organize baby clothes 11

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Add shelves to the walls that can double as space to hang clothes.

organize baby clothes 12

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If you don’t already have double bars in your closet, you absolutely need them. When your baby is really tiny (and if you’re tall enough), you may even be able to fit 3 bars for hanging clothes.

organize baby clothes 13

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Use clothespins to pin pants with coordinating shirts if you plan to hang them. No need for special baby-sized hangers!

organize baby clothes 14

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Are you obsessed with collecting cloth diapers for your baby? Store and display them in wire baskets on the wall. Top them with blocks or stuffed toys for an ultra-cute touch.

organize baby clothes 15

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At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what outfit (or outfits) your child wore. It doesn’t matter if they are wearing cloth or disposable diapers. What does matter is you both survived. Now you can sleep and know that any remaining sanity you have will be preserved tomorrow because you know exactly what you are going to put your little prince or princess in, and that it will be in the first place you look because of the wonderful tips from parents who have gone before you. Which tip did you find most helpful?

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