Hospital Bag Checklist: Essential Items for Labour

What should I pack for my hospital bag?

It’s been almost nine months and while everyone else is excited to meet the baby, you may start to feel anxious about the childbirth process. To lessen your fear, start off by making sure everything you need on that day is just within reach.

Some soon-to-be-mums labour earlier than usual, so it’s a must to have your hospital bag ready anytime. Here’s a checklist of items you should not forget to pack.

Basic toiletries maybe provided throughout your stay. However, you may also wish to bring along your personal clothing, cosmetics and other toiletries during your stay. 

You may wish consider packing the following items:

  • Bedroom slippers 
  • Cardigan or dressing gown
  • Maternity bras without underwire support
  • Personal nightgowns (front-open type for easier breastfeeding)
  • Polythene bags (for your soiled clothes)
  • Socks (optional)
  • Disposable underwear
  • Personal toiletries
  • Personal Breast Pump
  • List of official documents for hospital admission registration

When should I start packing my hospital bag?

It is advisable to have your hospital bag packed two to four weeks prior to your estimated delivery date.

What should I pack for my baby?

We will provide the following for your newborn baby, however, you may wish to bring along your preferred clothing and necessities for your baby.