FAQ - Tatami

FAQ - Tatami  

How long does the delivery take?

Both standard and custom make sizes take 10-20 days to arrive your home.

How do I clean the mat?


Daily maintenance
Vacuum regularly and put under the sun once a month

Something spilled on it?
Wipe off immediately with wet wipes and the marks will disappear

Deep clean
Handwash or machine wash with COLD water depending on your mat size. Next, hang it and will dry in 1-2 days


What is the mat made of?

The top layer is made of high quality microfiber, middle layer is made of slow rebounce sponge and the bottom layer is an anti-slip backing.

Is the mat safe for baby?

Our mats passed the European Safety Standard EN71-3 + A2, Azocolorants and Azodyes - Entry 43 OF Annex XVII To (EC) NO. 1907/2006, safe for baby and adults.

Does the price include tax?

The price listed in the website are tax exclusive. Tax may be charged during delivery for some countries when it's above certain purchase amount.

What is your return policy?

We can make an exchange or refund if there is a quality issue in 30 days upon receiving your mat. There is no exchange of color and size due to personal reason. Please e-mail to info_sg@momomijapan.com for arrangement.